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Bram Pension is Rotterdam's oldest existing Pension, established in the hart of the always lively and popular neighbourhood Afrikaanderwijk.
Situated practically next to Rotterdam’s second largest bazaar.

Nearby BramPension there can be found a great amount of sociable shoppingstreets which contains a great diversity in ethnic restaurants and bars.
Convenient situated just minutes from a subwaystation, the subway will take you within a couple of minutes to the citycentre of Rotterdam or Rotterdam’s largest indoor shoppingcentre Zuidplein.
BramPension is the perfect solution if you want to enjoy your stay in Rotterdam for a fair rate.

Discover Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a great place to visit and to be discovered. With a great diversity in cultural events, festivals and a sparkling nightlife. Rotterdam won’t dissapoint you. For a small extra rate, we also provide interesting and fun citytours to get the most out of your stay while in Rotterdam. Just contact us about the possibilities and arrangements.

About Bram Pension

Our practically decorated and furnished rooms provide you a comfortable stay when you are in Rotterdam for work or pleasure. That’s why every room is also provided with WiFI. All of our rooms have an own kitchen with a refrigerator and a TV set. Facilities such as the bathroom possibly have to be shared.

Why choose Bram Pension
  • Ideally situated next to Afrikaanderplein
  • Affordable guesthouse rates
  • Long stay/Expat hiring
  • Ideally situated near Hogeschool Inholland

Our address

Bram Pension Rotterdam

Transvaalstraat 66
3072PX Rotterdam
TEl: +31 (0)10 4848738

Rotterdam guesthouse

Come stay with Bram Pension and discover the center of Rotterdam